Motivation can come from the strangest of places


Where does it come from

Some say it comes from the GREAT of our time 

Some say it comes from their parents or kids or dog or cat or goldfish

Well this is my Dad – 81 on Tues and 1 of my many sister………does that inspire or motivate you?????? In case I offend my sis check out her FB page Darling Buds

This year my motivation came from 1 place only.

4 YES 4 Kids and 8wks Holidays………………….That would motivate anyone

So 5 days on and what have I done

  • 34 Page HACCP complete and proof read.  As you can imagine this was tough so when I read it, you could easily see the nights were I worked late. One line read as follow 
” Ensure the exterior of the premises is clean so as to avoid taking dirt in to the premises on your shoes or BOATS” 
How many of you have a BOAT?????

  • All 20 recipes have been finally set in stone and documented officially. I have been using these recipes for some time, but never gave them an official Revision Number. Now its finally done.

  •  All arrangements are now in place to have my Nutritional, Shelf Life and Gluten Free Testing completed.   If anyone has a spare €5000 floating about please feel free to send it my way…… Testing is expensive.

Along with this we had speech therapy for a 6yr old (going on 15)
12yr old leaving primary.. and had to give gifts to Principal, Teacher, Resource Teacher, All 3 SNA’s who helped him over the years……….  Needless to say I’m broke.
3 School reports to go through.
Copious amounts of used copies and books, which you are obliged to look through each and every page.
And 2 kids at the Doctor.
The House has been a little neglected… so today I will be mostly washing and cleaning and drinking lots of coffee, lots and lots of coffee.
Better get back to the work…. 5wks and 2 days to go till BIG LAUNCH. 

Will keep you all posted on progress. 

Food & Family

This is a little bit of History about my love of cooking.

I have always believed that the best gift you can give anyone is to Cook for them.

Mum & Dad on their wedding day

My first memories of home life are the SMELLS. 
Some were weird.. some made you want to take a bite out of thin air… and others made you wretch, but all had a story and were made by my Dad

Here are some of the smells that have left a lasting dent on my brain…

Freshly caught fish being gutted and filleted on old news papers, down in my dad’s shed.  This always started out ‘stinky’ but ended up so delicious.

Baked Beetroot,  until I was in my 30’s I never even tasted freshly baked beetroot.  The smell from home always put me off, but now I’m a big girl I love it.

Saturday night was always Jam night. Dad seemed to have the biggest pot known to man (then again I was small) and he would fill it with delicious fresh fruits from the garden, add suger and leave to boil and set for what seemed like a week.  The only one that made my nose twitch was the gooseberry jam which was a little ‘spikey’ for me. 

I was brought up in a Catholic family, and my mum would insist that we attended mass each week.  I would choose to go on Saturday night which meant I could spend Sunday morning in the kitchen with my Dad cooking the Sunday dinner.   That is were my love of cooking started and I still love to bake and cook and find it so theraputic.

So now you know who to blame for all my kitchen trials and tribulations.
I still ring my Dad on occasion looking for advise, and he is high on my list of tasters. Only second to the hungry Husband & Kids
Here I am with 1 of my 6 sisters, mucking about as usual. I’m the one trying to escape. x