So here's what happened....

It was a lovely day in May, I went to bed and woke up in September.

Someone broke into my life and stole TIME. 

So here I am catching up.

I'll make it brief and to the point.

This is everything you missed..
First Holy Communion - it rained
Dad's 80th Birthday - it rained
Sisters 50th Birthday - it rained
Sister in Law's wedding - it rained (but I was drunk and can't remember much)
Electric Picnic 2013 - Sunny Sunny Sunny... if I remember correctly

We also told our 11yr old he had Asperger's Syndrome.  It went surprisingly well. He seemed to understand most of what we said.  We gave him a copy of the book 'Inside Asperger's Looking Out' and it helped him to vocalise how he felt and realise that the book was written about people like him. This is the Author's FB page Kathy Hoopmann  And we also told him that Sheldon from Big Bang Theory had Aspergers too - so he thinks he is cool like Sheldon.

Kookee News

Our BIG NEWS is that our Dry Cookie Mixes are now available in a 5kg Wholesale pack.
This gives Chefs the option to cook any size cookie, or use the mix in other recepies. And all our range including Gluten Free can be ordered in this size pack.

Some of the recepies we have created are perfect for a cool winters day.
Kookee Crust Crumble
Cheese Cake Kookee Base

If you want to see me recreate any of these delicious treats, some cookies and some new ideas then come along to Taste of Louth and there will be lots of samples passed around too.

That's about it for the moment.
I'll keep you all posted on our events and where you can taste our fabulous cookies.
Till next time......