Answer...... when it's a Crumble Mix, a Brookie, a Cinnamon Cookie Swirl, a Muffin/Cake Bake, a Date Bar, and many more things yet undiscovered. 

So whats the big deal....
Well these are my cookie mixes

Follow the instructions on the reverse and you get delicious cookies everytime.

But what if you fancied something different well look no further.  Here are just some of the ideas that I've been working on.

Firstly, lets make #glutenfree, #DairyFree and #eggfree cookies
I used GlutenFree Oatmeal & Chocolate cookie mix. Although the pack calls for 1 egg, I used the equivalent of 2eggs when using the egg replacement. And I used 100g of Dairyfree butter.

How about Cookie Crust Crumble
You can use any Cookie mix. I prefere Triple Choc, Oatmeal & Raisin or GF Oatmeal & Chocolate. Don't add the egg, just rub the 100g of butter into the mix with your fingers then sprinkle onto your Apple.

Next up, make up your cookie dough, chill and then role out. Sprinkle with soft brown sugar and cinnamon. Role, cut and bake to create Cinnamon Cookie Swirls.

Lets keep going, so how about a Cake Bake. 
Firstly melt 200g of Butter in a wide bottom pot. Remove from the heat and mix in 1 bag of cookie mix then fold in 4 whisked eggs. Place mixture in a 8in square tin. And this is what you get

And I'm not done yet. Fancy a Date Bar. Well look no further.
Place 250ml of water and 200g of chopped Dates in a pot, heat and simmer for 5-10 mins till they resemble a paste.
Mix 1 bag of Cookie mix with 100g of butter. Place half the mix in the bottom of a 8in square tray. Place the Date mix on top then put the remaining cookie mix on top of the Dates and press down. Bake for 30 mins.

And last but not least The Brookie
Make up your favorite Cookie dough. Press into a 8in tray.
In a large bottom pot melt 90g of butter & 180g of caster sugar. Remove from the heat then stir in 56g of dark chocolate, 44g of plain flour, 22g of cocoa powder and 2 eggs. Pour the mixture onto the cookie dough and bake for 40mins.  The result is half cookie half brownie and its delicious.  
This is my Brookie

I hope you enjoy my receipes.
If you feel like experimenting with your mix then why not share your ideas.

Me.. I'm away to eat.
Well someones got to do it.

Kookee x