Thought I'd give a wee update on Kookee - the family and Kookee - the business.
It's been a busy 2 wks, so here goes.

Well the big news is #4 got tooth number 9
 (almost half way there)
So finally he has stopped trying to chew his way through the radiators.

Number 2 ALMOST got his first try in Junior Rugby. 
Then spent the afternoon debating with number 3 about evolution and creation.
An 8yr old and a 5yr old, who would have thought. What ever happened to fighting about who has the greenest booger??????

Now Number 1.... that was a very eventful 2 wks. He found out that, contrary to his beliefs, that he is not the centre of the universe (unlike Kevin Bacon of course who clearly is). 


As for me..... well Mr Kookee has lovingly signed me up for a running club...... how thoughtful

That's the Kookee Family done... now down to business.

Well we have secured 4 new customers since we last spoke (I will 'big up' our old/loyal customers) but for today lets say hi to Nosh Cafe in Ardee, Felda Coffee Shop Dundalk, Copper Kettle Dundalk and Spar Newry Road

Spring is definetly in the air - I know what your thinking, it's barely above freezing how would you know it was Spring.  Well here at Kookee, we use our flavors to tell the seasons.  Last week saw the return of our wonderful Lemon Shortbread.  This citrus bursting cookie is so refreshing and light.  A real treat for a spring morning.
And the great news this year is if you fall in love with this fantastic cookie you will be able to get your hands on the Lemon Shortbread in our Bake at Home range.  The smell from the kitchen will delight any guest.

And a little insider tip.  Why not make the whole bag up into 1 large piece of dough.
Then place it in a Cake Tin.  Bake slowly and top with your favorite Cheese Cake mix.

Believe me it is mouth watering.  Let me know what flavors you tried, and send some pics too.

So now Kookee is well into 2013 and we can look back and reflect on our first year of trading.  And boy was it exciting.  Starting in 2012 with 4 customers we have now increased our business 500% and all this while perfecting receipes and introducing new flavors and our Dry Mix range. 
Already in 2013 we have doubled our sales month on month.  The next stage is to build our empire and take over the COOKIE Universe.

Until next time ...............