In the Beginning

Everything has a starting point….

So who, what, where and when was Kookees’

Don’t panic, I’ll keep it brief,  well brief and factual (If I can remember that far back)

I confess, I’m an Irish country lass from a big family. Need I say more.
Did the school thing, always had a summer or weekend job but got my first permanent role at 19. From there I worked hard and got to the top of my profession over time. During all this I got married, and was now waiting on baby #3 to arrive.

What happened to bring about the Birth of Kookee? Well, Baby #1 (now 4) was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.  So my path altered, I gave up work, I became a fulltime carer and so my new journey began. Family activities changed to help #1 join in with family fun. So one Saturday I made some cookie dough and split it between the kids, they cut out all sorts of shapes and we baked them and had such a fun day.. Turns out THAT was the Birth of Kookee.

Over the next few years I set up production from my HSE approved kitchen. I narrowed my product line, focused on my business goals and set about putting it all in motion. Time, determination and a Salesman for a husband finally made the dream a reality.

That is on going….. now we produce a range of Artisan Cookie Pellets which we supply into Coffee shops and Deli stores. To complement this I also produce a range of Bake at Home dry cookie mixes. All our products have the highest quality ingredients and are available in Standard and Gluten Free. We source, produce and distribute nationwide, and in the not too distant future we aim to export too.

And Now…well the Saleman husband continues to drive and support me & Kookee, my now 4 children keep me busy, tired, exhausted, laughing (well what else can you do) and I look to the future, for me, my family and my ever growing business.

That’s the Kookee story.

…so far